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Polargraph SD vitamin kit

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Image of Polargraph SD vitamin kit
  • Image of Polargraph SD vitamin kit
  • Image of Polargraph SD vitamin kit

This is a vitamin kit for making up a Polargraph SD type machine. It's for people who are handy and already have a load of this kind of thing knocking around, cables and power supplies and things.

There's some information about working with the vitamin kit here on the polargraph wiki.

The polarshield is an interface board that links a physical interface (the touchscreen), a mass storage device (an SD card) and a pair of powerful stepper drivers with an Arduino MEGA-compatible processor board.

There is also a space for components for a third stepper driver, should you want a three axis board for your own projects. The parts for the third driver are NOT populated, but get in touch if you would like them anyway and you can add them by hand.

It contains:
- Polarshield v2 board, assembled and tested
- 2.4 inch colour touchscreen LCD
- SD card slot (full size)
- 2x A4988-based stepper drivers
- 2x stepper motors
- Drive sprockets
- Lasercut motor brackets and bolts for motors (video about how to assemble them here)
- Central-axis gondola parts (assembly video)
- Pen lift servo motor with control horns
- 4m of beaded cord (black or white)

This kit does NOT include:
- Arduino MEGA2560 controller board (though I have some in the shop)
- Case
- Cables (four wires for motors, three for pen lift servo)
- Power supply (must be 7v+, 1A+)
- SD card

Unless you state otherwise, the board will be supplied with the standard connectors.

The PolargraphSD vitamin kit is designed for enthusiasts. Although it contains lots of the parts you need to make up a PolargraphSD machine, it does require some skill and dexterity, as well as the ability to learn how to update the firmware on an Arduino. As it is supplied as a parts kit, I can't be responsible for any hardware issues once it is in-circuit. I test the shield at home on my own kit so I know it works, but how you wire it up is up to you.

That said, I will try my best to give you any help you need to get your machine running but I am only one person and won't necessarily be able to help with every query right away. There is a forum at www.polargraph.co.uk that you can request help on, along with some helpful people there, and any solutions that come out of that go back into helping the community, so that's the recommended way of getting it.

Shipping is £9 in the UK, £17 in the EU and £22 everywhere else, and takes between 2 and 10 days.