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Polargraph Stepper Motors


Image of Polargraph Stepper Motors
  • Image of Polargraph Stepper Motors
  • Image of Polargraph Stepper Motors

These are the neat little motors I use. They are 0.4 amp NEMA-17 bipolar stepper motors with 1.8 degree steps (200 steps per revolution). The part number is 17HS13-0404S, you can google for the datasheet. They have four 30cm wires with molex four pin sockets on the end. The shaft is 5mm diameter and 20mm long with a machined flat.

The motor body itself is 35mm long (front to back).

I usually use A4988 motor drivers (stepstick / pololu) to drive these with a 9 or 12 volt supply. I supply a 12v supply with the PolargraphSD kits

  • Bi-polar
  • NEMA-17 frame size
  • 5mm dia, 20mm long shaft with machined flat
  • 0.4 amp
  • 230g
  • 26Ncm

This sale is for a pair of motors, with 8mm m3 stainless steel bolts and washers.

On the PolargraphSD kits, I used these little breakout PCBs for a neat connecting job. These have an array of 2.5mm pitch holes to mount push-fit terminals for the wires (or to solder the wires into directly), and on the other end there's holes for mounting 2.5mm/2.54mm pitch hardware (eg 0.1" pin headers), or 3.5mm pitch hardware.

If you choose them, breakouts will be supplied unassembled, and including ONLY the fixed terminal blocks that the motor wires go into. So _not_ including the the the pin headers or the screw terminals that you'd use to connect your long wires into the rest of your system.

(Because this most recent batch of motors actually already has connectors fitted to the cables, the breakout isn't as important as it used to be!)

The 3d printable parts to mount the breakout PCB onto the MDF bracket is available on github.

Postage is £4 in the UK, £8 in Europe, and £12 everywhere else.