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PolargraphSD v3.1 full assembled kit

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Image of PolargraphSD v3.1 full assembled kit
  • Image of PolargraphSD v3.1 full assembled kit

Orders with a phone number in them will be shipped by rapid courier, orders without a phone number will go by a slower and less trackable postal service. Let me know in the order notes or by email if you have a preference!

Contains everything you need to start drawing large / flexible format pen posters, except for paper, pens and a surface to put it on! Oh, and a computer to drive it with!

Look here for some videos and information to get an idea of what it's like to use it: http://www.polargraph.co.uk/2017/04/polargraph-back-in-action/

Look at the main Polargraph development site, and the Polargraph wiki on github to find out more.

This is a hand-built PolargraphSD machine. It is based on an Espressif ESP32, so has lots of room to grow with future software features, and is fully Arduino compatible. It includes a 2GB SD card to allow instructions to be uploaded to it in bulk, and then drawn without needing a continuous connection to a PC.

It has a swanky touch-screen operation panel than makes standalone drawing a cinch and leaves plenty of scope for (free) software upgrades and new features.

  • Polargraph controller board including microstepping motor drivers.
  • 2.4 inch colour touch screen for real-time, and standalone operation.
  • Beautiful mounting hardware for microcontroller (ie a case!).
  • 2x handsome motor units with sprockets - brackets for mounting on any flat surface
  • 4 metres of beaded cord (white or black, just email if you need more).
  • Glorious central-axis gondola with pen clamp.
  • Cute servo motor with 2 metre extension wire for pen lift.
  • All cables and connectors
  • Capable international 12v DC power supply.
  • Wriggly 5m USB cable.

Kits are shipped international insured and signed-for, taking 3-10 days.

The PolargraphSD machine is a kit is designed for enthusiasts. Although it contains all the parts you need to make up a PolargraphSD machine, it does assume that you have the skill and dexterity to assemble it, and the technical ability (or willingness to learn) to install and use software on your chosen platform, and update the firmware on the polargraph from time to time.

It is not exactly "plug n play", but neither is it rocket science. You should expect to spend a couple of evenings getting it set up and working nicely.

The machine is assembled and tested so I'm sure it works, and then disassembled and packed up for you.

I will try my best to give you any help you need to get your machine running but I am only one person and won't necessarily be able to help with every query right away. There is a forum at www.polargraph.co.uk that you can request help on, along with some helpful people there, and any solutions that come out of that go back into helping the community, so that's the recommended way of getting it.

A full kit will normally be shipped out within a week of the order though - that's usually enough time to build, test and pack.

Delivery costs £10 in the UK, £22 in the rest of the EU, and £32 everywhere else.