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PolargraphSD v3.1 basic unit

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Image of PolargraphSD v3.1 basic unit
  • Image of PolargraphSD v3.1 basic unit

Includes a Polarshield v3.1, with ESP32 microcontroller, two stepper drivers, a touchscreen LCD and an SD card reader. It also includes two plugs that fit the motor cable connectors (plus a spare). These plugs are a bit unusual, so that's why I'm including them.

I can supply this with an acrylic laser cut case, or just as a bare set of boards if you'd prefer to cut or print your own case. Or just do without. This machine behaves fine without a case.

This does NOT include cables, motors, DC power supply (a 12v, 2A one is good), gondola, beaded cord or in fact anything else not mentioned above.

Because this is designed to integrate into your own machine and I've never tested your machine, I can't offer much of a guarantee that it will work flawlessly. I will do my best to help you if you get stuck, but it's at your risk. I test this on the bench with my cables and motors before I pack it up.

Only buy one of these if you like tinkering with bits of hardware and software!

Shipping is £8 in the UK, £12 in Europe and £16 everywhere else.